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What is Obake
Human resources and innovation

Obake (acronym for "Omnia Business-partner Administration Knowledge Environment") is an innovative service aimed at those who wish to become Omnia's suppliers.
Omnia has always invested many resources in the selection of freelancers and companies with the capability to provide high-level translation services, in accordance with this group's standards of excellence. It's thanks to this changeless job that today Omnia can be considered one of the 100 best translation agencies all over the world, because only the reliability and competence of people can make a team great.
For a dynamic and cutting edge company like Omnia, Obake represents the natural evolution of the classic recruitment process. By registering in Obake, each candidate will be able to provide comprehensive presentation of his capabilities and services he provides, in a smart and guided way. The result is a modern platform which is the ideal match point between supply and demand.

What Obake offers

  • Capability for freelancers and companies to submit their own profile and put themselves as candidates
  • Smart interfaces with the possibility to enter detailed information about the provided services, used instruments and required rates
  • Capability for each user to certify his own profile, by performing specific tests in order to prove the quality of his works
  • Omnia's business partners will be able to check invoices, invoice payments, download projects and other accounting documents directly from web

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